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  • Burnett, Karen G.; Bain, Lisa J.; Baldwin, William S.; Callard, Gloria V.; Cohen, Sarah; Di Giulio, Richard T.; Evans, David H.; Gomez-Chiarri, Marta; Hahn, Mark E.; Hoover, Cindi A.; Karchner, Sibel I.; Katoh, Fumi; MacLatchy, Deborah L.; Marshall, William S.; Meyer, Joel N.; Nacci, Diane E.; Oleksiak, Marjorie F.; Rees, Bernard B.; Singer, Thomas D.; Stegeman, John J.; Towle, David W.; Van Veld, Peter A.; Vogelbein, Wolfgang K.; Whitehead, Andrew; Winn, Richard N.; Crawford, Douglas L. (2007-09-01)
    A strong foundation of basic and applied research documents that the estuarine fish Fundulus heteroclitus and related species are unique laboratory and field models for understanding how individuals and populations interact ...
  • Chen, Celia; Amirbahman, Aria; Fisher, Nicholas S.; Harding, Gareth; Lamborg, Carl H.; Nacci, Diane E.; Taylor, David (2008-09-30)
    The spatial variation of MeHg production, bioaccumulation and biomagnification in marine food webs is poorly characterized but critical to understanding the links between sources and higher trophic levels such as fish ...

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