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  • Changes in the North Atlantic Oscillation influence CO2 uptake in the North Atlantic over the past 2 decades 

    Thomas, Helmuth; Prowe, A. E. Friederike; Lima, Ivan D.; Doney, Scott C.; Wanninkhof, Rik; Greatbatch, Richard J.; Schuster, Ute; Corbiere, Antoine (American Geophysical Union, 2008-12-31)
    Observational studies report a rapid decline of ocean CO2 uptake in the temperate North Atlantic during the last decade. We analyze these findings using ocean physical-biological numerical simulations forced with interannually ...
  • Low-frequency storminess signal at Bermuda linked to cooling events in the North Atlantic region 

    van Hengstum, Peter J.; Donnelly, Jeffrey P.; Kingston, Andrew W.; Williams, Bruce E.; Scott, David B.; Reinhardt, Eduard G.; Little, Shawna N.; Patterson, William P. (John Wiley & Sons, 2015-02-18)
    North Atlantic climate archives provide evidence for increased storm activity during the Little Ice Age (150 to 600 calibrated years (cal years) B.P.) and centered at 1700 and 3000 cal years B.P., typically in centennial-scale ...
  • Regional climate variability in the western subtropical North Atlantic during the past two millennia 

    Saenger, Casey P.; Came, Rosemarie E.; Oppo, Delia W.; Keigwin, Lloyd D.; Cohen, Anne L. (American Geophysical Union, 2011-04-21)
    Western subtropical North Atlantic oceanic and atmospheric circulations connect tropical and subpolar climates. Variations in these circulations can generate regional climate anomalies that are not reflected in Northern ...