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    • Incorporating information on bottlenose dolphin distribution into marine protected area design 

      Silva, Monica A.; Prieto, Rui; Magalhaes, Sara; Seabra, Maria I.; Machete, Miguel; Hammond, Philip S. (2011-10-12)
      The steady growth of the whale-watching activities in the Azores and its concentration in a small area that partly overlaps the home range of a resident group of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) was one of the ...
    • A review of interactions between cetaceans and fisheries in the Azores 

      Silva, Monica A.; Machete, Miguel; Reis, Dalia; Santos, Marco; Prieto, Rui; Damaso, Carla; Pereira, Joao Gil; Santos, Ricardo S. (2010-03)
      1. Interactions between cetaceans and fishing activity in the Archipelago of the Azores were examined using information contained in grey literature and previously unpublished data collected by observer programmes and ...
    • Spatial and temporal distribution of cetaceans in the mid-Atlantic waters around the Azores 

      Silva, Monica A.; Prieto, Rui; Cascao, Irma; Seabra, Maria I.; Machete, Miguel; Baumgartner, Mark F.; Santos, Ricardo S. (2013-02)
      Cetaceans living in offshore waters are under increasing pressure from anthropogenic activities. Yet, due to the lack of survey effort, relatively little is known about the demography or ecology of these populations. ...