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    • Climate forcing of unprecedented intense-hurricane activity in the last 2000 years 

      Donnelly, Jeffrey P.; Hawkes, Andrea D.; Lane, D. Philip; MacDonald, Dana; Shuman, Bryan N.; Toomey, Michael R.; van Hengstum, Peter J.; Woodruff, Jonathan D. (John Wiley & Sons, 2015-02-23)
      How climate controls hurricane variability has critical implications for society is not well understood. In part, our understanding is hampered by the short and incomplete observational hurricane record. Here we present a ...
    • Repeated century-scale droughts over the past 13,000 yr near the Hudson River watershed, USA 

      Newby, Paige E.; Shuman, Bryan N.; Donnelly, Jeffrey P.; MacDonald, Dana (2010-02)
      Sediment and ground-penetrating radar data from Davis Pond near the Hudson River valley reveal past droughts in a historically humid region that presently supplies water to millions of people in and around New York City. ...