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    • Live-cell imaging RNAi screen identifies PP2A–B55α and importin-β1 as key mitotic exit regulators in human cells 

      Schmitz, Michael H. A.; Held, Michael; Janssens, Veerle; Hutchins, James R. A.; Hudecz, Otto; Ivanova, Elitsa; Goris, Jozef; Trinkle-Mulcahy, Laura; Lamond, Angus I.; Poser, Ina; Hyman, Anthony A.; Mechtler, Karl; Peters, Jan-Michael; Gerlich, Daniel W. (2010-07)
      When vertebrate cells exit mitosis, they reorganize various cellular structures to build functional interphase cells1. This depends on Cdk1 inactivation and subsequent dephosphorylation of its substrates2-4. Members of ...