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    • How does Labrador Sea Water enter the deep western boundary current? 

      Palter, Jaime B.; Lozier, M. Susan; Lavender, Kara L. (American Meteorological Society, 2008-05)
      Labrador Sea Water (LSW), a dense water mass formed by convection in the subpolar North Atlantic, is an important constituent of the meridional overturning circulation. Understanding how the water mass enters the deep ...
    • Lagrangian circulation of Antarctic Intermediate Water in the subtropical South Atlantic 

      Nunez-Riboni, Ismael; Boebel, Olaf; Ollitrault, Michel; You, Yuzhu; Richardson, Philip L.; Davis, Russ E. (2004-12-09)
      This study combines float data from different projects collected between 1991 and 2003 in the South Atlantic to describe the flow of Antarctic Intermediate Water (AAIW). Velocity spacetime averages are calculated for ...
    • Transport in an idealized three-gyre system with application to the Adriatic Sea 

      Rypina, Irina I.; Brown, Michael G.; Kocak, Huseyin (American Meteorological Society, 2009-03)
      Motivated by observations of surface drifters in the Adriatic Sea, transport in a three-gyre system is studied with the aid of dynamical systems techniques. Particular attention is paid to the issue of intergyre transport. ...