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  • Cadmium isotopic composition in the ocean 

    Lacan, Francois; Francois, Roger; Ji, Yongcheng; Sherrell, Robert M. (2006-06-29)
    The oceanic cycle of cadmium is still poorly understood, despite its importance for phytoplankton growth and paleoceanographic applications. As for other elements that are biologically recycled, variations in isotopic ...
  • GEOTRACES IC1 (BATS) contamination-prone trace element isotopes Cd, Fe, Pb, Zn, Cu, and Mo intercalibration 

    Boyle, Edward A.; John, Seth G.; Abouchami, Wafa; Adkins, Jess F.; Echegoyen-Sanz, Yolanda; Ellwood, Michael J.; Flegal, A. Russell; Fornace, Kyrstin L.; Gallon, Celine; Galer, Steve; Gault-Ringold, Melanie; Lacan, Francois; Radic, Amandine; Rehkamper, Mark; Rouxel, Olivier J.; Sohrin, Yoshiki; Stirling, Claudine H.; Thompson, Claire; Vance, Derek; Xue, Zichen; Zhao, Ye (Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, 2012-09)
    We report data on the isotopic composition of cadmium, copper, iron, lead, zinc, and molybdenum at the GEOTRACES IC1 BATS Atlantic intercalibration station. In general, the between lab and within-lab precisions are adequate ...