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    • Improving oceanic overflow representation in climate models : the Gravity Current Entrainment Climate Process Team 

      Legg, Sonya; Ezer, Tal; Jackson, Laura; Briegleb, Bruce P.; Danabasoglu, Gokhan; Large, William G.; Wu, Wanli; Chang, Yeon; Ozgokmen, Tamay M.; Peters, Hartmut; Xu, Xiaobiao; Chassignet, Eric P.; Gordon, Arnold L.; Griffies, Stephen; Hallberg, Robert; Price, James F.; Riemenschneider, Ulrike; Yang, Jiayan (American Meteorological Society, 2009-05)
      Oceanic overflows are bottom-trapped density currents originating in semienclosed basins, such as the Nordic seas, or on continental shelves, such as the Antarctic shelf. Overflows are the source of most of the abyssal ...