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    • Drilling constraints on lithospheric accretion and evolution at Atlantis Massif, Mid-Atlantic Ridge 30°N 

      Blackman, Donna K.; Ildefonse, Benoit; John, Barbara E.; Ohara, Y.; Miller, D. J.; Abe, N.; Abratis, M.; Andal, E. S.; Andreani, Muriel; Awaji, S.; Beard, J. S.; Brunelli, D.; Charney, A. B.; Christie, D. M.; Collins, John A.; Delacour, A. G.; Delius, H.; Drouin, M.; Einaudi, F.; Escartin, Javier E.; Frost, B. R.; Fruh-Green, G. L.; Fryer, P. B.; Gee, Jeffrey S.; Grimes, C. B.; Halfpenny, A.; Hansen, H.-E.; Harris, Amber C.; Tamura, A.; Hayman, Nicholas W.; Hellebrand, Eric; Hirose, T.; Hirth, Greg; Ishimaru, S.; Johnson, Kevin T. M.; Karner, G. D.; Linek, M.; MacLeod, Christopher J.; Maeda, J.; Mason, O..U.; McCaig, A. M.; Michibayashi, K.; Morris, Antony; Nakagawa, T.; Nozaka, T.; Rosner, Martin; Searle, Roger C.; Suhr, G.; Tominaga, Masako; von der Handt, A.; Yamasaki, T.; Zhao, X. (American Geophysical Union, 2011-07-19)
      Expeditions 304 and 305 of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program cored and logged a 1.4 km section of the domal core of Atlantis Massif. Postdrilling research results summarized here constrain the structure and lithology ...
    • Unraveling the sequence of serpentinization reactions : petrography, mineral chemistry, and petrophysics of serpentinites from MAR 15°N (ODP Leg 209, Site 1274) 

      Bach, Wolfgang; Paulick, Holger; Garrido, Carlos J.; Ildefonse, Benoit; Meurer, William P.; Humphris, Susan E. (American Geophysical Union, 2006-07-06)
      The results of detailed textural, mineral chemical, and petrophysical studies shed new light on the poorly constrained fluid-rock reaction pathways during retrograde serpentinization at mid-ocean ridges. Uniformly depleted ...