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    • Benthic community response to ice algae and phytoplankton in Ny Ålesund, Svalbard 

      McMahon, Kelton W.; Ambrose, William G.; Johnson, Beverly J.; Sun, Ming-Yi; Lopez, Glenn R.; Clough, Lisa M.; Carroll, Michael L. (Inter-Research, 2006-04-03)
      We assessed the digestibility and utilization of ice algae and phytoplankton by the shallow, subtidal benthos in Ny Ålesund (Kongsfjord) on Svalbard (79°N, 12°E) using chlorophyll a (chl a), essential fatty acids (EFAs) ...
    • The seeding of ice algal blooms in Arctic pack ice : the multiyear ice seed repository hypothesis 

      Olsen, Lasse M.; Laney, Samuel R.; Duarte, Pedro; Kauko, Hanna Maria; Fernández-Méndez, Mar; Mundy, Christopher J.; Rösel, Anja; Meyer, Amelie; Itkin, Polona; Cohen, Lana; Peeken, Ilka; Tatarek, Agnieszka; Róźańska-Pluta, Magdalena; Wiktor, Jozef; Taskjelle, Torbjørn; Pavlov, Alexey K.; Hudson, Stephen R.; Granskog, Mats A.; Hop, Haakon; Assmy, Philipp (John Wiley & Sons, 2017-07-03)
      During the Norwegian young sea ICE expedition (N-ICE2015) from January to June 2015 the pack ice in the Arctic Ocean north of Svalbard was studied during four drifts between 83° and 80°N. This pack ice consisted of a mix ...