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  • Benthic fauna of the Gulf of Maine sampled by R/V Gosnold Cruise 179 and DSRV Alvin Dives 329, 330, 331, and 404 : infaunal species list 

    Rowe, Gilbert T.; Polloni, Pamela T.; Haedrich, Richard L. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1975-07)
    Bottom samples were collected in the Gulf of Maine during July, 1971 and June, 1972 using DSRV ALVIN and RV GOSNOLD. The techniques and results are embodied in a paper entitled "Quantitative Biological Assessment of the ...
  • Ceratoscopelus maderensis : pecular sound-scattering layer identified with this myctophid fish 

    Backus, Richard H.; Craddock, James E.; Haedrich, Richard L.; Shores, D. L.; Teal, John M.; Wing, A. S.; Mead, Giles W.; Clarke, William D. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1968-10)
    A sound- scattering layer, composed of discrete hyperbolic echo-sequences and apparently restricted to the Slope Water region of the western North Atlantic, has been identified from the Deep Submergence Research Vehicle ...
  • A key to the stromateoid fishes 

    Haedrich, Richard L.; Horn, Michael H. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1972-03)
    Our primary purpose in preparing "A Key to the Stromateoid Fishes" is to provide field workers and curators with a convenient and concise aid for the identification of the diverse species in this somewhat difficult ...