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    • Stable isotope monitoring of benthic–planktonic coupling using salt marsh fish 

      Fry, Brian; Cieri, Matthew; Hughes, Jeff; Tobias, Craig R.; Deegan, Linda A.; Peterson, Bruce J. (Inter-Research, 2008-10-13)
      Salt marshes are important coastal ecosystems whose trophic function can be monitored with stable isotopes of abundant fish biosentinel species such as the mummichog Fundulus heteroclitus and the Atlantic silverside Menidia ...
    • Testing isosource : stable isotope analysis of a tropical fishery with diverse organic matter sources 

      Benstead, Jonathan P.; March, James G.; Fry, Brian; Ewel, Katherine C.; Pringle, Catherine M. (Ecological Society of America, 2006-02)
      We sampled consumers and organic matter sources (mangrove litter, freshwater swamp-forest litter, seagrasses, seagrass epiphytes, and marine particulate organic matter [MPOM]) from four estuaries on Kosrae, Federated States ...