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  • Friedlingstein, P.; Cox, P.; Betts, R.; Bopp, Laurent; von Bloh, W.; Brovkin, V.; Cadule, P.; Doney, Scott C.; Eby, Michael; Fung, Inez Y.; Bala, G.; John, J.; Jones, C. D.; Joos, Fortunat; Kato, T.; Kawamiya, M.; Knorr, W.; Lindsay, Keith; Matthews, H. D.; Raddatz, T.; Rayner, Peter; Reick, C.; Roeckner, E.; Schnitzler, K.-G.; Schnur, R.; Strassmann, K.; Weaver, Andrew J.; Yoshikawa, C.; Zeng, N. (American Meteorological Society, 2006-07-15)
    Eleven coupled climate–carbon cycle models used a common protocol to study the coupling between climate change and the carbon cycle. The models were forced by historical emissions and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ...
  • Eby, Michael; Weaver, Andrew J.; Alexander, K.; Zickfeld, K.; Abe-Ouchi, A.; Cimatoribus, A. A.; Crespin, E.; Drijfhout, S. S.; Edwards, N. R.; Eliseev, A. V.; Feulner, G.; Fichefet, T.; Forest, C. E.; Goosse, H.; Holden, P. B.; Joos, Fortunat; Kawamiya, M.; Kicklighter, David W.; Kienert, H.; Matsumoto, K.; Mokhov, I. I.; Monier, Erwan; Olsen, S. M.; Pedersen, J. O. P.; Perrette, M.; Philippon-Berthier, G.; Ridgwell, Andy; Schlosser, A.; Schneider von Deimling, T.; Shaffer, G.; Smith, R. S.; Spahni, R.; Sokolov, Andrei P.; Steinacher, M.; Tachiiri, K.; Tokos, K.; Yoshimori, M.; Zeng, N.; Zhao, F. (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union, 2013-05-16)
    Both historical and idealized climate model experiments are performed with a variety of Earth system models of intermediate complexity (EMICs) as part of a community contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ...
  • Montenegro, Álvaro; Eby, Michael; Weaver, Andrew J.; Jayne, Steven R. (2007-06-27)
    Experiments with a climate model were conducted under present day and last glacial maximum conditions in order to examine the model’s response to a vertical mixing scheme based on internal tide energy dissipation. The ...

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