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  • Acoustic scattering by benthic and planktonic shelled animals 

    Stanton, Timothy K.; Chu, Dezhang; Wiebe, Peter H.; Eastwood, Robert L.; Warren, Joseph D. (Acoustical Society of America, 2000-08)
    Acoustic backscattering measurements and associated scattering modeling were recently conducted on a type of benthic shelled animal that has a spiral form of shell (Littorina littorea). Benthic and planktonic shelled animals ...
  • Atlantic Long-Term Oceanographic Mooring (ALTOMOOR) 

    Frye, Daniel E.; Merriam, Steve; Eastwood, Robert L.; Kemp, John N.; McPhee, Neil M.; Liberatore, Stephen P.; Hobart, Edward; Bocconcelli, Alessandro; Tarbell, Susan A. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1996-03)
    The Atlantic Long-Term Oceanogrphic Mooring (ALTOMOOR) has been maintained offshore Bermuda since 1993 as a testbed for the evaluation of new data telemetry technologies and new oceanographic instrumentation. It is currently ...
  • Sound scattering by several zooplankton groups. I. Experimental determination of dominant scattering mechanisms 

    Stanton, Timothy K.; Chu, Dezhang; Wiebe, Peter H.; Martin, Linda V.; Eastwood, Robert L. (Acoustical Society of America, 1998-01)
    The acoustic scattering properties of live individual zooplankton from several gross anatomical groups have been investigated. The groups involve (1) euphausiids (Meganyctiphanes norvegica) whose bodies behave acoustically ...