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  • Nichols, Owen C.; Bogomolni, Andrea L.; Bradfield, Elizabeth C.; Early, Greg A.; Sette, Lisa; Wood, Stephanie (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2011-10)
    The 2011 meeting, “Gulf of Maine Seals: Fisheries Interactions and Integrated Research”, held at the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies (PCCS), featured posters and oral presentations as well as a series of discussion ...
  • Bogomolni, Andrea L.; Early, Greg A.; Matassa, Keith; Nichols, Owen C.; Sette, Lisa (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2010-06)
    As pinniped populations shift and change along the northeast U.S. and Canadian coastline, so too do the interests and issues of regional residents, scientists and stakeholders. In May 2009 the Woods Hole Oceanographic ...
  • Moore, Michael J.; Early, Greg A.; Touhey, Kathleen M.; Barco, Susan G.; Gulland, Frances M.; Wells, Randall S. (2007-04)
    Rehabilitation of stranded marine mammals elicits polarized attitudes: initially done alongside display collections, but release of rehabilitated animals has become more common. Justifications include animal welfare, ...
  • Fahlman, Andreas; Loring, Stephen H.; Ferrigno, Massimo; Moore, Colby; Early, Greg A.; Niemeyer, Misty; Lentell, Betty J.; Wenzel, Frederick W.; Joy, Ruth; Moore, Michael J. (2011-06-28)
    Excised lungs from 8 marine mammal species (harp [Pagophilus groenlandicus], harbor [Phoca vitulina], and gray seal [Halichoerus grypus], Atlantic white-sided [Lagenorhynchus acutus], common [Delphinus delphis] and Risso's ...

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