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  • Foley, Brendan P.; Dellaporta, Katerina; Sakellariou, Dimitris; Bingham, Brian S.; Camilli, Richard; Eustice, Ryan M.; Evagelistis, Dionysis; Ferrini, Vicki L.; Katsaros, Kostas; Kourkoumelis, Dimitris; Mallios, Aggelos; Micha, Paraskevi; Mindell, David A.; Roman, Christopher N.; Singh, Hanumant; Switzer, David S.; Theodoulou, Theotokis (American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2009-04)
    In 2005 a Greek and American interdisciplinary team investigated two shipwrecks off the coast of Chios dating to the 4th-century b.c. and the 2nd/1st century. The project pioneered archaeological methods of precision ...
  • Newman, Kori R.; Cormier, Marie-Helene; Weissel, Jeffrey K.; Driscoll, Neal W.; Kastner, Miriam; Solomon, Evan A.; Robertson, Gretchen; Hill, Jenna C.; Singh, Hanumant; Camilli, Richard; Eustice, Ryan M. (2007-11)
    Detailed near-bottom investigation of a series of giant, kilometer scale, elongate pockmarks along the edge of the mid-Atlantic continental shelf confirms that methane is actively venting at the site. Dissolved methane ...
  • Ryerson, Thomas B.; Camilli, Richard; Kessler, John D.; Kujawinski, Elizabeth B.; Reddy, Christopher M.; Valentine, David L.; Atlas, Elliot; Blake, Donald R.; de Gouw, Joost; Meinardi, Simone; Parrish, David D.; Peischl, Jeff; Seewald, Jeffrey S.; Warneke, Carsten (2011-11-11)
    Detailed airborne, surface, and subsurface chemical measurements, primarily obtained in May and June 2010, are used to quantify initial hydrocarbon compositions along different transport pathways – in deep subsurface plumes, ...
  • Dulaiova, Henrieta; Camilli, Richard; Henderson, Paul B.; Charette, Matthew A. (2009-12-09)
    We constructed a survey system of radon/methane/nitrate/salinity to find sites of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) and groundwater nitrate input. We deployed the system in Waquoit Bay and Boston Harbor, MA where we ...
  • Mau, Susan; Valentine, David L.; Clark, Jordan F.; Reed, Justin; Camilli, Richard; Washburn, Libe (American Geophysical Union, 2007-11-24)
    Large quantities of natural gas are emitted from the seafloor into the stratified coastal ocean near Coal Oil Point, Santa Barbara Channel, California. Methane was quantified in the down current surface water at 79 stations ...
  • Kunz, Clayton G.; Murphy, Christopher A.; Singh, Hanumant; Pontbriand, Claire W.; Sohn, Robert A.; Singh, Sandipa; Sato, Taichi; Roman, Christopher N.; Nakamura, Ko-ichi; Jakuba, Michael V.; Eustice, Ryan M.; Camilli, Richard; Bailey, John (2009-01-12)
    This paper describes the design and use of two new autonomous underwater vehicles, Jaguar and Puma, which were deployed in the summer of 2007 at sites at 85°N latitude in the ice-covered Arctic Ocean to search for ...

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