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    • Arctic Ocean warming contributes to reduced polar ice cap 

      Polyakov, Igor V.; Timokhov, Leonid A.; Alexeev, Vladimir A.; Bacon, Sheldon; Dmitrenko, Igor A.; Fortier, Louis; Frolov, Ivan E.; Gascard, Jean-Claude; Hansen, Edmond; Ivanov, Vladimir V.; Laxon, Seymour W.; Mauritzen, Cecilie; Perovich, Donald K.; Shimada, Koji; Simmons, Harper L.; Sokolov, Vladimir T.; Steele, Michael; Toole, John M. (American Meteorological Society, 2010-12)
      Analysis of modern and historical observations demonstrates that the temperature of the intermediate-depth (150–900 m) Atlantic water (AW) of the Arctic Ocean has increased in recent decades. The AW warming has been uneven ...
    • The contribution of the Weddell Gyre to the lower limb of the Global Overturning Circulation 

      Jullion, Loic; Naveira Garabato, Alberto C.; Bacon, Sheldon; Meredith, Michael P.; Brown, Pete J.; Torres-Valdes, Sinhue; Speer, Kevin G.; Holland, Paul R.; Dong, Jun; Bakker, Dorothee C. E.; Hoppema, Mario; Loose, Brice; Venables, Hugh J.; Jenkins, William J.; Messias, Marie-Jose; Fahrbach, Eberhard (John Wiley & Sons, 2014-06-05)
      The horizontal and vertical circulation of the Weddell Gyre is diagnosed using a box inverse model constructed with recent hydrographic sections and including mobile sea ice and eddy transports. The gyre is found to convey ...
    • Results of an oxygen/salinity comparison cruise on the R/V Vernadsky : June 27 to July 8, 1991 

      Joyce, Terrence M.; Bacon, Sheldon; Kalashnikov, Pave; Romanov, Alexander; Stalcup, Marvel C.; Zaburdaev, Vladimir (WOCE Hydrographic Programme Offce, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1992-07)
      This report summarizes the work, under the auspices of the WOCE Hydrographic Programme (WHP), which took place on the R/V Akademik Vernadsky in June-July 1991. The goal of the exercise was an international comparison/training ...