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  • Marchal, Olivier; Francois, Roger; Scholten, Jan C. (2007-01-02)
    An inverse finite-difference model of the abyssal circulation in the North Atlantic Ocean is developed in order to evaluate the dynamical information contained in measurements of thorium-230 (230Th). The model has a very ...
  • Wang, Guihua; Huang, Rui Xin; Su, Jilan; Chen, Dake (American Meteorological Society, 2012-12)
    The dynamic influence of thermohaline circulation on wind-driven circulation in the South China Sea (SCS) is studied using a simple reduced gravity model, in which the upwelling driven by mixing in the abyssal ocean is ...
  • Jayne, Steven R. (American Meteorological Society, 2009-07)
    A parameterization of vertical diffusivity in ocean general circulation models has been implemented in the ocean model component of the Community Climate System Model (CCSM). The parameterization represents the dynamics ...
  • Marchal, Olivier; Curry, William B. (American Meteorological Society, 2008-09)
    An inverse method is used to evaluate the information contained in sediment data for the Atlantic basin during the Last Glacial Maximum (defined here as the time interval 18–21 kyr before present). The data being considered ...

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