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    • Ocean Seismic Network Pilot Experiment 

      Stephen, Ralph A.; Spiess, Fred N.; Collins, John A.; Hildebrand, John A.; Orcutt, John A.; Peal, Kenneth R.; Vernon, Frank L.; Wooding, Frank B. (2003-10-31)
      The primary goal of the Ocean Seismic Network Pilot Experiment (OSNPE) was to learn how to make high quality broadband seismic measurements on the ocean bottom in preparation for a permanent ocean seismic network. The ...
    • Ocean sound channel ray path perturbations from internal-wave shear and strain 

      Duda, Timothy F. (Acoustical Society of America, 2005-11)
      The relative importance of internal-wave strain and internal-wave shear on perturbation of acoustic ray trajectories in the ocean is analyzed. Previous estimates based on the Garrett-Munk internal-wave spectral model are ...
    • Ocean turbulence, III : new GISS vertical mixing scheme 

      Canuto, V. M.; Howard, A. M.; Cheng, Y.; Muller, C. J.; Leboissetier, A.; Jayne, Steven R. (2010-04)
      We have found a new way to express the solutions of the RSM (Reynolds Stress Model) equations that allows us to present the turbulent diffusivities for heat, salt and momentum in a way that is considerably simpler and ...
    • Ocean urea fertilization for carbon credits poses high ecological risks 

      Glibert, Patricia M.; Azanza, Rhodora; Burford, Michele; Furuya, Ken; Abal, Eva; Al-Azri, Adnan; Al-Yamani, Faiza; Andersen, Per; Anderson, Donald M.; Beardall, John; Berg, Gry M.; Brand, Larry E.; Bronk, Deborah; Brookes, Justin; Burkholder, JoAnn M.; Cembella, Allan D.; Cochlan, William P.; Collier, Jackie L.; Collos, Yves; Diaz, Robert; Doblin, Martina; Drennen, Thomas; Dyhrman, Sonya T.; Fukuyo, Yasuwo; Furnas, Miles; Galloway, James; Graneli, Edna; Ha, Dao Viet; Hallegraeff, Gustaaf M.; Harrison, John A.; Harrison, Paul J.; Heil, Cynthia A.; Heimann, Kirsten; Howarth, Robert W.; Jauzein, Cecile; Kana, Austin A.; Kana, Todd M.; Kim, Hakgyoon; Kudela, Raphael M.; Legrand, Catherine; Mallin, Michael; Mulholland, Margaret; Murray, Shauna A.; O’Neil, Judith; Pitcher, Grant C.; Qi, Yuzao; Rabalais, Nancy; Raine, Robin; Seitzinger, Sybil P.; Salomon, Paulo S.; Solomon, Caroline; Stoecker, Diane K.; Usup, Gires; Wilson, Joanne; Yin, Kedong; Zhou, Mingjiang; Zhu, Mingyuan (2008)
      The proposed plan for enrichment of the Sulu Sea, Philippines, a region of rich marine biodiversity, with thousands of tonnes of urea in order to stimulate algal blooms and sequester carbon is flawed for multiple reasons. ...
    • Ocean variability contributing to basal melt rate near the ice front of Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica 

      Arzeno, Isabella B.; Beardsley, Robert C.; Limeburner, Richard; Owens, W. Brechner; Padman, Laurie; Springer, Scott R.; Stewart, Craig L.; Williams, Michael J. M. (John Wiley & Sons, 2014-07-09)
      Basal melting of ice shelves is an important, but poorly understood, cause of Antarctic ice sheet mass loss and freshwater production. We use data from two moorings deployed through Ross Ice Shelf, ∼6 and ∼16 km south of ...
    • Oceanbase: a marine science & technology bibliographic database 

      Markham, James W.; Brueggeman, Peter; Welborn, Victoria (IAMSLIC, 2001)
    • Oceanic and terrestrial sources of continental precipitation 

      Gimeno, Luis; Stohl, Andreas; Trigo, Ricardo M.; Dominguez, Francina; Yoshimura, Kei; Yu, Lisan; Drumond, Anita; Duran-Quesada, Ana Maria; Nieto, Raquel (American Geophysical Union, 2012-11-08)
      The most important sources of atmospheric moisture at the global scale are herein identified, both oceanic and terrestrial, and a characterization is made of how continental regions are influenced by water from different ...
    • An oceanic current against the wind : how does Taiwan island steer warm water into the East China Sea? 

      Yang, Jiayan (American Meteorological Society, 2007-10)
      Along the Taiwan Strait (<100 m in depth) a northeastward flow persists in all seasons despite the annually averaged wind stress that is strongly southwestward. The forcing mechanism of this countercurrent is examined by ...
    • Oceanic evidence of climate change in southern Australia over the last three centuries 

      Thresher, Ronald E.; Rintoul, Stephen R.; Koslow, J. Anthony; Weidman, Christopher R.; Adkins, Jess F.; Proctor, Craig (American Geophysical Union, 2004-04-13)
      Chemical analysis of deepwater octocorals collected at 1000 m depth off southern Australia indicates long-term cooling, beginning in the mid-18th century. This cooling appears to reflect shoaling of isotherms along the ...
    • Oceanic fluxes of mass, heat, and freshwater : a global estimate and perspective 

      Macdonald, Alison M. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1995-08)
      Data from fifteen globally distributed, modern, high resolution, hydrographic oceanic transects are combined in an inverse calculation using large scale box models. The models provide estimates of the global meridional ...
    • Oceanic heterotrophic bacterial nutrition by semilabile DOM as revealed by data assimilative modeling 

      Luo, Ya-Wei; Friedrichs, Marjorie A. M.; Doney, Scott C.; Church, Matthew J.; Ducklow, Hugh W. (Inter-Research, 2010-08-03)
      Previous studies have focused on the role of labile dissolved organic matter (DOM) (defined as turnover time of ~1 d) in supporting heterotrophic bacterial production, but have mostly neglected semilabile DOM (defined as ...
    • Oceanic internal-wave field : theory of scale-invariant spectra 

      Lvov, Yuri V.; Polzin, Kurt L.; Tabak, Esteban G.; Yokoyama, Naoto (American Meteorological Society, 2010-12)
      Steady scale-invariant solutions of a kinetic equation describing the statistics of oceanic internal gravity waves based on wave turbulence theory are investigated. It is shown in the nonrotating scale-invariant limit that ...
    • Oceanic lithosphere magnetization : marine magnetic investigations of crustal accretion and tectonic processes in mid-ocean ridge environments 

      Williams, Clare M. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2007-09)
      The origin of symmetric alternating magnetic polarity stripes on the seafloor is investigated in two marine environments; along the ridge axis of the fast spreading East Pacific Rise (EPR) (9º 25’-9º 55’N) and at Kane ...
    • Oceanic microstructure observed near Bermuda using a towed sensor 

      Magnell, Bruce Arthur (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1973-06)
      Many hypotheses have been advanced to explain the formation of mixed layers in the ocean; the salt finger type of double-diffusive convection, in particular, has received much attention. Because of their uniquely ordered ...
    • Oceanic sources, sinks, and transport of atmospheric CO2 

      Gruber, Nicolas; Gloor, Emanuel; Mikaloff Fletcher, Sara E.; Doney, Scott C.; Dutkiewicz, Stephanie; Follows, Michael J.; Gerber, Markus; Jacobson, Andrew R.; Joos, Fortunat; Lindsay, Keith; Menemenlis, Dimitris; Mouchet, Anne; Muller, Simon A.; Sarmiento, Jorge L.; Takahashi, Taro (American Geophysical Union, 2009-02-18)
      We synthesize estimates of the contemporary net air-sea CO2 flux on the basis of an inversion of interior ocean carbon observations using a suite of 10 ocean general circulation models (Mikaloff Fletcher et al., 2006, ...
    • Oceanograhic data archaeology: contribution to the preservation of Ecuadorian oceanographic research. 

      Briones Estebanez, Katiusca; Nieto, Juan Jose (IAMSLIC, 2003)
    • The oceanographic and geoidal components of sea surface topography 

      Zlotnicki, Victor (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1983-02)
      Altimetric, gravimetric and oceanographic data over the North Atlantic are combined -using techniques of optimum estimation- to infer the surface expression of the time averaged circulation (ζ) and to estimate the ...