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    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry News, vol. 6, no. 2 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2013)
      Alkire, MB, MJ Perry, E D’Asaro, and CM Lee. Using sensor-based, geochemical measurements from autonomous platforms to estimate biological production and export of carbon during the 2008 North Atlantic Spring Bloom.
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry News, vol. 6, no. 3 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2013)
      Church, MJ, KM Björkman, and DM Karl. HOT turns 25: A quarter century of Hawaii Ocean Time-series measurements in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre.
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry News, vol. 7. no. 1 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2014)
      Giovannoni, S, K Vergin and C Carlson. Twenty-five years of omics at BATS.
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry News, vol. 7. no. 2 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2014)
      Russell, J, J Sarmiento, H Cullen, R Hotinski, K Johnson, S Riser, and L Talley. The Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling Program (SOCCOM).
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2006 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2006-07)
      The objectives of the OCB summer 2006 workshop were to highlight recent scientific findings in ocean biogeochemistry and related ecological and physical research, foster improved communication among existing ocean ...
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2007 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2007-07)
      The summer 2007 OCB Science Workshop seeks to recognize new research opportunities at the interface between traditional disciplines. Participants are encouraged to "think outside the box" of their own immediate research ...
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2008 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2008-07)
      The focus of this year’s workshop was on the following interdisciplinary themes: Climate sensitivity of ecosystem structure and associated impacts on biogeochemical cycles Implications of climate variability and climate ...
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2009 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2009-07)
      This year's workshop included the following interdisciplinary sessions: The Next U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan: Although the research priorities identified in the 1999 U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan still remain ...
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2010 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2010-07)
      This year’s OCB summer workshop highlighted three interdisciplinary science themes: Arctic, low oxygen regions, and benthic-pelagic coupling. Within these themes, we were especially keen to address nitrogen cycling, ...
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2011 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2011-07)
      Trends, Thresholds, and Tipping Points in Marine Ecosystems: The oceans represent one of the largest and most active carbon reservoirs on the planet. With atmospheric CO2 levels on the rise, there is serious concern about ...
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2012 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2012-07)
      Multiple stressors in marine ecosystems: Marine ecosystems are facing multiple anthropogenic stressors, and although we are learning much about how individual stressors may impact ecosystems, we know little about synergistic ...
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2013 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2013-07)
      Each of this year’s plenary sessions began with an overview talk to provide background and broader context for an interdisciplinary audience, followed by a series of more focused research talks to highlight recent scientific ...
    • Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Workshop 2014 

      Unknown author (OCB Project Office, 2014-07)
    • Ocean chlorofluorocarbon and heat uptake during the twentieth century in the CCSM3 

      Gent, Peter R.; Bryan, Frank O.; Danabasoglu, Gokhan; Lindsay, Keith; Tsumune, Daisuke; Hecht, Matthew W.; Doney, Scott C. (American Meteorological Society, 2006-06-01)
      An ensemble of nine simulations for the climate of the twentieth century has been run using the Community Climate System Model version 3 (CCSM3). Three of these runs also simulate the uptake of chlorofluorocarbon-11 (CFC-11) ...
    • Ocean circulation and biogeochemistry moderate interannual and decadal surface water pH changes in the Sargasso Sea 

      Goodkin, Nathalie F.; Wang, Bo-Shian; You, Chen-Feng; Hughen, Konrad A.; Grumet-Prouty, Nancy; Bates, Nicholas R.; Doney, Scott C. (John Wiley & Sons, 2015-06-25)
      The oceans absorb anthropogenic CO2 from the atmosphere, lowering surface ocean pH, a concern for calcifying marine organisms. The impact of ocean acidification is challenging to predict as each species appears to respond ...
    • Ocean circulation and dynamics on the west Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf 

      Moffat Varas, Carlos F. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2007-09)
      Observations of current velocity, temperature, salinity and pressure from a 2-year moored array deployment and four hydrographic cruises conducted by the United States Southern Ocean GLOBEC program on the western Antarctic ...
    • Ocean climate variability in the eastern North Atlantic during interglacial marine isotope stage 11 : a partial analogue to the Holocene? 

      de Abreu, Lucia; Abrantes, Fatima G.; Shackleton, Nicholas J.; Tzedakis, Polychronis C.; McManus, Jerry F.; Oppo, Delia W.; Hall, Michael A. (American Geophysical Union, 2005-08-30)
      Similar orbital geometry and greenhouse gas concentrations during marine isotope stage 11 (MIS 11) and the Holocene make stage 11 perhaps the best geological analogue period for the natural development of the present ...
    • An ocean coupling potential intensity index for tropical cyclones 

      Lin, I.-I.; Black, Peter G.; Price, James F.; Yang, C.-Y.; Chen, Shuyi S.; Lien, C.-C.; Harr, Patrick; Chi, N.-H.; Wu, C.-C.; D'Asaro, Eric A. (John Wiley & Sons, 2013-05-15)
      Timely and accurate forecasts of tropical cyclones (TCs, i.e., hurricanes and typhoons) are of great importance for risk mitigation. Although in the past two decades there has been steady improvement in track prediction, ...
    • Ocean data publication cookbook 

      Leadbetter, Adam; Raymond, Lisa; Chandler, Cynthia L.; Pikula, Linda; Pissierssens, Peter; Urban, Ed (UNESCO, 2013)
      Executive summary: This “Cookbook” has been written for data managers and librarians who are interested in assigning a permanent identifier to a dataset for the purposes of publishing that dataset online and for the citation ...