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  • Population growth rate of a common understory herb decreases non-linearly across a gradient of deer herbivory 

    Knight, Tiffany M.; Caswell, Hal; Kalisz, Susan (2008-11-09)
    Overabundant white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) are a significant management problem in North America that exert unprecedented herbivory pressure on native understory forest communities. Conserving understory ...
  • Portal protein diversity and phage ecology 

    Sullivan, Matthew B.; Coleman, Maureen L.; Quinlivan, Vanessa; Rosenkrantz, Jessica E.; DeFrancesco, Alicia S.; Tan, G.; Fu, Ross; Lee, Jessica A.; Waterbury, John B.; Bielawski, Joseph P.; Chisholm, Sallie W. (Society for Applied Microbiology and Blackwell Publishing, 2008-07-31)
    Oceanic phages are critical components of the global ecosystem, where they play a role in microbial mortality and evolution. Our understanding of phage diversity is greatly limited by the lack of useful genetic diversity ...
  • Post-seismic viscoelastic deformation and stress transfer after the 1960 M9.5 Valdivia, Chile earthquake : effects on the 2010 M8.8 Maule, Chile earthquake 

    Ding, Min; Lin, Jian (Oxford University Press, 2014-03-04)
    After the 1960 M9.5 Valdivia, Chile earthquake, three types of geodetic observations were made during four time periods at nearby locations. These post-seismic observations were previously explained by post-seismic afterslip ...
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  • Postpartum whistle production in bottlenose dolphins 

    Fripp, Deborah R.; Tyack, Peter L. (2007-11)
    Despite much research on bottlenose dolphin signature whistles, few have investigated the role of maternal whistles in early calf development. We investigated maternal whistle use in the first weeks postpartum for captive ...
  • Postprocessing system for echo sounder data 

    Foote, Kenneth G.; Knudsen, Hans Petter; Korneliussen, Rolf J.; Nordbø, Per Erik; Røang, Kjell (Acoustical Society of America, 1991-07)
    Echo sounding is a powerful and widely used technique for remote sensing of the marine environment. In order to enhance the power of the echo sounder, a postprocessing system has been designed and realized in standard ...
  • Potassium currents distinguish the two subtypes of morphologically distinct skate bipolar cells 

    Qian, Haohua; Chappell, Richard L.; Redenti, Stephen; Ripps, Harris (Marine Biological Laboratory, 2004-12)
    Bipolar cells in the vertebrate retina are second-order neurons that convey visual information from photoreceptors to ganglion cells, the neurons that relay the message to the brain. Bipolar cells consist typically of ...
  • A potential bias in coral reconstruction of sea surface temperature 

    Solow, Andrew R.; Huppert, Amit (American Geophysical Union, 2004-03-25)
    Isotopic measurements in corals are used to reconstruct past sea surface temperature. These reconstructions are based on calibration regression analyses using paired measurements of modern isotopic composition and sea ...
  • Potential for sound sensitivity in cephalopods 

    Mooney, T. Aran; Hanlon, Roger T.; Madsen, Peter T.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jakob; Ketten, Darlene R.; Nachtigall, Paul E. (2010-07)
    Hearing is a primary sense in many marine animals and we now have a reasonable understanding of what stimuli generate clear responses, the frequency range of sensitivity, expected threshold values and mecha-nisms of sound ...
  • Potential importance of physiologically diverse benthic foraminifera in sedimentary nitrate storage and respiration 

    Bernhard, Joan M.; Casciotti, Karen L.; McIlvin, Matthew R.; Beaudoin, David J.; Visscher, Pieter T.; Edgcomb, Virginia P. (American Geophysical Union, 2012-07-03)
    Until recently, the process of denitrification (conversion of nitrate or nitrite to gaseous products) was thought to be performed exclusively by prokaryotes and fungi. The finding that foraminifera perform complete ...
  • Potential influence of climate-induced vegetation shifts on future land use and associated land carbon fluxes in Northern Eurasia 

    Kicklighter, David W.; Cai, Y.; Zhuang, Qianlai; Parfenova, E. I.; Paltsev, S.; Sokolov, Andrei P.; Melillo, Jerry M.; Reilly, John M.; Tchebakova, Nadja M.; Lu, X. (IOP Publishing, 2014-03-21)
    Climate change will alter ecosystem metabolism and may lead to a redistribution of vegetation and changes in fire regimes in Northern Eurasia over the 21st century. Land management decisions will interact with these ...
  • Potential vorticity constraint on the flow between two basins 

    Yang, Jiayan; Price, James F. (American Meteorological Society, 2007-09)
    This paper examines the role of potential vorticity (PV) balance in source- and sink-driven flows between two basins. As shown in previous studies, PV advection into a basin, say a positive PV advection, requires a negative ...
  • Power efficiency of outer hair cell somatic electromotility 

    Rabbitt, Richard D.; Clifford, Sarah; Breneman, Kathryn D.; Farrell, Brenda; Brownell, William E. (Public Library of Science, 2009-07-24)
    Cochlear outer hair cells (OHCs) are fast biological motors that serve to enhance the vibration of the organ of Corti and increase the sensitivity of the inner ear to sound. Exactly how OHCs produce useful mechanical power ...
  • Power spectra of infragravity waves in a deep ocean 

    Godin, Oleg A.; Zabotin, Nikolay A.; Sheehan, Anne F.; Yang, Zhaohui; Collins, John A. (John Wiley & Sons, 2013-05-29)
    Infragravity waves (IGWs) play an important role in coupling wave processes in the ocean, ice shelves, atmosphere, and the solid Earth. Due to the paucity of experimental data, little quantitative information is available ...
  • Pre-aged plant waxes in tropical lake sediments and their influence on the chronology of molecular paleoclimate proxy records 

    Douglas, Peter M. J.; Pagani, Mark; Eglinton, Timothy I.; Brenner, Mark; Hodell, David A.; Curtis, Jason H.; Ma, Keith; Breckenridge, Andy (2014-07)
    Sedimentary records of plant-wax hydrogen (δDwax) and carbon (δ13Cwax) stable isotopes are increasingly applied to infer past climate change. Compound-specific radiocarbon analyses, however, indicate that long time lags ...