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    • The JASON remotely operated vehicle system 

      Ballard, Robert D. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1993-02)
      The JASON remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system has been under development for the last decade. After a number of engineering test cruises, including the discovery of the R.M.S. Titanic and the German Battleship Bismarck, ...
    • JeDI: Jellyfish Database Initiative 

      Condon, Robert H.; Lucas, Cathy H.; Duarte, Carlos M.; Pitt, Kylie A.; Haddock, Steven H. D.; Madin, Laurence P.; Brodeur, Richard D.; Sutherland, Kelly R.; Mianzan, Hermes W.; Purcell, Jennifer E.; Decker, Mary Beth; Uye, Shin-Ichi; Malej, Alenka; Bogeberg, Molly; Everett, John T.; Gibbons, Mark; Gonzalez, H.; Hay, S.; Hensche, N.; Hobson, R. J.; Kingsford, Michael J.; Kremer, P.; Lehtiniemi, Maiju; Ohman, Mark; Rissik, D.; Sheard, K.; Suthers, Iain; Coleman, N.; Costello, John H.; Gershwin, L. A.; Graham, William M.; Robinson, Kelly L.; Richardson, T. M.; Giesecke, R.; Gorsky, Gabriel; Greve, Wulf; Halsband-Lenk, C.; Hays, Graeme; Hobson, V.; Klein, David; Lebrato, Mario; Loveridge, Jan; Martens, P.; Milos, C.; Perry, G.; Stemmann, L.; Sullivan, Barbara; Walker, T.; Schildhauer, Mark; Regetz, J. (Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO). Contact:, 2015-03-09)
      The Jellyfish Database Initiative (JeDI) is a scientifically-coordinated global database dedicated to gelatinous zooplankton (members of the Cnidaria, Ctenophora and Thaliacea) and associated environmental data. The database ...
    • A joint Monte Carlo analysis of seafloor compliance, Rayleigh wave dispersion and receiver functions at ocean bottom seismic stations offshore New Zealand 

      Ball, Justin S.; Sheehan, Anne F.; Stachnik, Joshua C.; Lin, Fan-Chi; Collins, John A. (John Wiley & Sons, 2014-12-17)
      Teleseismic body-wave imaging techniques such as receiver function analysis can be notoriously difficult to employ on ocean-bottom seismic data due largely to multiple reverberations within the water and low-velocity ...
    • Joint User Committee Report 2007-2008 

      MBLWHOI Library Joint User Committee (2008)
    • Joint User Committee Report 2008-2009 

      MBLWHOI Library Joint User Committee (2009)
    • Joint User Committee Report 2009-2010 

      MBLWHOI Library Joint User Committee (2010)
    • Journal use study. 

      Norton, Cathy N. (IAMSLIC, 1985)
    • Jurassic zircons from the Southwest Indian Ridge 

      Cheng, Hao; Zhou, Huaiyang; Yang, Qunhui; Zhang, Lingmin; Ji, Fuwu; Dick, Henry J. B. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-05-17)
      The existence of ancient rocks in present mid-ocean ridges have long been observed but received less attention. Here we report the discovery of zircons with both reasonably young ages of about 5 Ma and abnormally old ages ...
    • Juvenile fish assemblages collected on unconsolidated sediments of the southeast United States continental shelf 

      Walsh, Harvey J.; Marancik, Katrin E.; Hare, Jonathan A. (U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA, 2006)
      Patterns were investigated in juvenile fish use of unconsolidated sediments on the southeast United States continental shelf off Georgia. Juvenile fish and environmental data were sampled at ten stations along a 110-km ...
    • K-distribution fading models for Bayesian estimation of an underwater acoustic channel 

      Laferriere, Alison Beth (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2011-02)
      Current underwater acoustic channel estimation techniques generally apply linear MMSE estimation. This approach is optimal in a mean square error sense under the assumption that the impulse response fluctuations are well ...
    • The Kallisti Limnes, carbon dioxide-accumulating subsea pools 

      Camilli, Richard; Nomikou, Paraskevi; Escartin, Javier E.; Ridao, Pere; Mallios, Angelos; Kilias, Stephanos P.; Argyraki, Ariadne; Andreani, Muriel; Ballu, Valerie; Campos, Ricard; Deplus, Christine; Gabsi, Taoufic; Garcia, Rafael; Gracias, Nuno; Hurtos, Natalia; Magi, Lluis; Mevel, Catherine; Moreira, Manuel; Palomeras, Narcis; Pot, Olivier; Ribas, David; Ruzie, Lorraine; Sakellariou, Dimitris (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-07-16)
      Natural CO2 releases from shallow marine hydrothermal vents are assumed to mix into the water column, and not accumulate into stratified seafloor pools. We present newly discovered shallow subsea pools located within the ...
    • Kalman filter estimation of underwater vehicle position and attitude using Doppler velocity aided inertial motion unit 

      Leader, Daniel Eugene (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1994-09)
      This Paper explores the use of an extended Kalman filter to provide real-time estimates of underwater vehicle position and attitude. The types of previously available sensors are detailed including strapdown accelerometers, ...
    • KAPEX RAFOS float data report 1997-1999 part B : float trajectories at 750 m in the Benguela Current 

      Richardson, Philip L.; Pacheco, M. A.; Wooding, Christine M. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2003-06)
      Thirty-two RAFOS floats were launched at the depth of intermediate water, near 750 m, in the Benguela Current along 30S and its extension along 7W. The floats were tracked acoustically for two years during 1997–1999. ...
    • The karyomastigont as an evolutionary seme 

      Chapman, Michael; Alliegro, Mark C. (University of Chicago Press, 2012-12)
      The problem of eukaryogenesis—the evolutionary mechanism whereby eukaryotic cells evolved from prokaryotes—remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of cell biology, possibly due to the reductionist tendency of most ...
    • The Keck Carbon Cycle AMS Laboratory, University of California, Irvine : status report 

      Beverly, Robert K.; Beaumont, Will; Tauz, Denis; Ormsby, Kaelyn M.; von Reden, Karl F.; Santos, Guaciara M.; Southon, John R. (Dept. of Geosciences, University of Arizona, 2010-08)
      We present a status report of the accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) facility at the University of California, Irvine, USA. Recent spectrometer upgrades and repairs are discussed. Modifications to preparation laboratory ...
    • Key components of data publishing : using current best practices to develop a reference model for data publishing 

      Austin, Claire C; Bloom, Theodora; Dallmeier-Tiessen, Sunje; Khodiyar, Varsha; Murphy, Fiona; Nurnberger, Amy; Raymond, Lisa; Stockhause, Martina; Tedds, Jonathan; Vardigan, Mary; Whyte, Angus (2015-12-04)
      Availability of workflows for data publishing could have an enormous impact on researchers, research practices and publishing paradigms, as well as on funding strategies and career and research evaluations. We present the ...
    • A key to the stromateoid fishes 

      Haedrich, Richard L.; Horn, Michael H. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1969-09)
      Our primary purpose in preparing "A Key to the Stromateoid Fishes" is to provide field workers and curators with a convenient and concise aid for the identification of the diverse species in this somewhat difficult group ...