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    • Gravity currents from a dam-break in a rotating channel 

      Helfrich, Karl R.; Mullarney, Julia C. (Cambridge University Press, 2005-07-26)
      The generation of a gravity current by the release of a semi-infinite region of buoyant fluid of depth $H$ overlying a deeper, denser and quiescent lower layer in a rotating channel of width $w$ is considered. Previous ...
    • The gravity field and plate boundaries in Venezuela 

      Folinsbee, Robert Allin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1972-01)
      Free-air and simple Bouguer anomaly maps of the Venezuelan continental margin (from 60°W to 72°W and from 7°N to 13°N) are presented. The major features of the free-air map are: the large lows associated with the deep ...
    • Gravity observations 09.0°E to 37.9°W along the equator 

      Dean, Jerome P.; McCullough, C. B. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1972-07)
      This report presents free air gravity values and computed free air anomalies obtained on an equatorial traverse from 09°00'E. to 37°56'W. It is the second of a series of reports presenting the gravity data to be used in ...
    • Gravity wave characteristics in the mesopause region revealed from OH airglow imager observations over Northern Colorado 

      Tang, Yihuan; Dou, Xiankang; Li, Tao; Nakamura, Takuji; Xue, Xianghui; Huang, Can; Manson, Alan; Meek, Chris; Thorsen, Denise; Avery, Susan K. (John Wiley & Sons, 2014-01-31)
      Using 5 years of all-sky OH airglow imager data over Yucca Ridge Field Station, CO (40.7°N, 104.9°W), from September 2003 to September 2008, we extract and deduce quasi-monochromatic gravity wave (GW) characteristics in ...
    • The great 2012 Arctic Ocean summer cyclone enhanced biological productivity on the shelves 

      Zhang, Jinlun; Ashjian, Carin J.; Campbell, Robert G.; Hill, Victoria; Spitz, Yvette H.; Steele, Michael (John Wiley & Sons, 2014-01-16)
      A coupled biophysical model is used to examine the impact of the great Arctic cyclone of early August 2012 on the marine planktonic ecosystem in the Pacific sector of the Arctic Ocean (PSA). Model results indicate that the ...
    • The great Polar controversy: Dr. Cook, Mt.McKinley, and the quest for the Poles 

      Sfraga, Michael; Stephens, Dennis (IAMSLIC, 1999)
    • Green algal infection of American horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus) exoskeletal structures 

      Braverman, Hillary; Leibovitz, Louis; Lewbart, Gregory A. (2012-06)
      Degenerative lesions in the dorsum of the horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus) exoskeleton, eyes, arthrodial membrane, and base of the telson were documented in a population of wild caught laboratory animals. The disease ...
    • The green algal underground : evolutionary secrets of desert cells 

      Cardon, Zoe G.; Gray, Dennis W.; Lewis, Louise A. (American Institute of Biological Sciences, 2008-02)
      Microscopic, unicellular, free-living green algae are found in desert microbiotic crusts worldwide. Although morphologically simple, green algae in desert crusts have recently been found to be extraordinarily diverse, with ...
    • Green Flash Presentations 

      Unknown author (IAMSLIC, 2010)
    • Green Flash presentations 

      Unknown author (IAMSLIC, 2011)
    • Green flash presentations 

      Unknown author (IAMSLIC, 2014)
    • Greening China naturally 

      Cao, Shixiong; Sun, Ge; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Chen, Liding; Feng, Qi; Fu, Bojie; McNulty, Steve; Shankman, David; Tang, Jianwu; Wang, Yanhui; Wei, Xiaohua (2011-04)
      China leads the world in afforestation, and is one of the few countries whose forested area is increasing. However, this massive ‘‘greening’’ effort has been less effective than expected; afforestation has sometimes produced ...
    • The Greenland Flow Distortion Experiment 

      Renfrew, Ian A.; Petersen, Guðrún N.; Outten, S.; Sproson, D.; Moore, G. W. K.; Hay, C.; Ohigashi, T.; Zhang, S.; Kristjansson, J. E.; Fore, I.; Olafsson, H.; Gray, S. L.; Irvine, E. A.; Bovis, K.; Brown, P. R. A.; Swinbank, R.; Haine, Thomas W. N.; Lawrence, A.; Pickart, Robert S.; Shapiro, M.; Woolley, A. (American Meteorological Society, 2008-09)
      Greenland has a major influence on the atmospheric circulation of the North Atlantic–western European region, dictating the location and strength of mesoscale weather systems around the coastal seas of Greenland and directly ...
    • Greenland freshwater pathways in the sub-Arctic Seas from model experiments with passive tracers 

      Dukhovskoy, Dmitry S.; Myers, Paul G.; Platov, Gennady A.; Timmermans, Mary-Louise; Curry, Beth; Proshutinsky, Andrey; Bamber, Jonathan L.; Chassignet, Eric P.; Hu, Xianmin; Lee, Craig M.; Somavilla, Raquel (John Wiley & Sons, 2016-01-25)
      Accelerating since the early 1990s, the Greenland Ice Sheet mass loss exerts a significant impact on thermohaline processes in the sub-Arctic seas. Surplus freshwater discharge from Greenland since the 1990s, comparable ...
    • Greenland Ice Sheet flow response to runoff variability 

      Stevens, Laura A.; Behn, Mark D.; Das, Sarah B.; Joughin, Ian; Noel, Brice P. Y.; van den Broeke, Michiel R.; Herring, Thomas (John Wiley & Sons, 2016-11-12)
      We use observations of ice sheet surface motion from a Global Positioning System network operating from 2006 to 2014 around North Lake in west Greenland to investigate the dynamical response of the Greenland Ice Sheet's ...
    • Greenland ice sheet surface temperature, melt and mass loss : 2000-06 

      Hall, Dorothy K.; Williams, Richard S.; Luthcke, Scott B.; Digirolamo, Nicolo E. (International Glaciological Society, 2008)
      A daily time series of 'clear-sky' surface temperature has been compiled of the Greenland ice sheet (GIS) using 1 km resolution moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) land-surface temperature (LST) maps from ...
    • Greenland's Island Rule and the Arctic Ocean circulation 

      Joyce, Terrence M.; Proshutinsky, Andrey (Sears Foundation for Marine Research, 2007-09)
      In order to explain observed southward water transport of 2-3 Sv through Davis Strait, a simple extension of Godfrey's (1989) Island Rule and a 2-D idealized numerical model simulations were made for the flow around ...
    • Grey literature life cycle in research projects: A case study 

      Luzi, Daniela; Castriotta, Maria; Manco, Rosaria; Mazzucco, Renza (IAMSLIC, 2006)
    • GRIPseq data for S. Purpuratus 24 hpf 

      Tulin, Sarah; Barsi, Julius C.; Bocconcelli, Carlo; Smith, Joel (2015-01-19)
      This dataset is the result of a new method for identifying putative cis-regulatory elements genome wide, termed GRIPseq for Genome-wide Regulatory element Immunoprecipitation. Our protocol combines elements of chromatin ...