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  • Green Flash presentations 

    Unknown author (IAMSLIC, 2011)
  • Greening China naturally 

    Cao, Shixiong; Sun, Ge; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Chen, Liding; Feng, Qi; Fu, Bojie; McNulty, Steve; Shankman, David; Tang, Jianwu; Wang, Yanhui; Wei, Xiaohua (2011-04)
    China leads the world in afforestation, and is one of the few countries whose forested area is increasing. However, this massive ‘‘greening’’ effort has been less effective than expected; afforestation has sometimes produced ...
  • The Greenland Flow Distortion Experiment 

    Renfrew, Ian A.; Petersen, Guðrún N.; Outten, S.; Sproson, D.; Moore, G. W. K.; Hay, C.; Ohigashi, T.; Zhang, S.; Kristjansson, J. E.; Fore, I.; Olafsson, H.; Gray, S. L.; Irvine, E. A.; Bovis, K.; Brown, P. R. A.; Swinbank, R.; Haine, Thomas W. N.; Lawrence, A.; Pickart, Robert S.; Shapiro, M.; Woolley, A. (American Meteorological Society, 2008-09)
    Greenland has a major influence on the atmospheric circulation of the North Atlantic–western European region, dictating the location and strength of mesoscale weather systems around the coastal seas of Greenland and directly ...
  • Greenland ice sheet surface temperature, melt and mass loss : 2000-06 

    Hall, Dorothy K.; Williams, Richard S.; Luthcke, Scott B.; Digirolamo, Nicolo E. (International Glaciological Society, 2008)
    A daily time series of 'clear-sky' surface temperature has been compiled of the Greenland ice sheet (GIS) using 1 km resolution moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) land-surface temperature (LST) maps from ...
  • Greenland's Island Rule and the Arctic Ocean circulation 

    Joyce, Terrence M.; Proshutinsky, Andrey (Sears Foundation for Marine Research, 2007-09)
    In order to explain observed southward water transport of 2-3 Sv through Davis Strait, a simple extension of Godfrey's (1989) Island Rule and a 2-D idealized numerical model simulations were made for the flow around ...
  • Grey literature life cycle in research projects: A case study 

    Luzi, Daniela; Castriotta, Maria; Manco, Rosaria; Mazzucco, Renza (IAMSLIC, 2006)
  • GRIPseq data for S. Purpuratus 24 hpf 

    Tulin, Sarah; Barsi, Julius; Bocconcelli, Carlo; Smith, Joel (2015-01-19)
    This dataset is the result of a new method for identifying putative cis-regulatory elements genome wide, termed GRIPseq for Genome-wide Regulatory element Immunoprecipitation. Our protocol combines elements of chromatin ...
  • Gross and net production during the spring bloom along the Western Antarctic Peninsula 

    Goldman, Johanna A. L.; Kranz, Sven A.; Young, Jodi N.; Tortell, Philippe D.; Stanley, Rachel H. R.; Bender, Michael L.; Morel, Francois M. M. (2014-10)
    This study explores some of the physiological mechanisms responsible for high productivity near the shelf in the Western Antarctic Peninsula despite a short growing season and cold temperature. We measured gross and net ...
  • Groundfish overfishing, diatom decline, and the marine silica cycle : lessons from Saanich Inlet, Canada, and the Baltic Sea cod crash 

    Katz, Timor; Yahel, Gitai; Yahel, Ruthy; Tunnicliffe, Verena; Herut, Barak; Snelgrove, Paul V. R.; Crusius, John; Lazar, Boaz (American Geophysical Union, 2009-12-31)
    In this study, we link groundfish activity to the marine silica cycle and suggest that the drastic mid-1980s crash of the Baltic Sea cod (Gadus morhua) population triggered a cascade of events leading to decrease in dissolved ...
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  • Growth and composition of high-Mg calcite in the skeleton of a Bermudian gorgonian (Plexaurella dichotoma) : potential for paleothermometry 

    Bond, Zoe A.; Cohen, Anne L.; Smith, Struan R.; Jenkins, William J. (American Geophysical Union, 2005-08-31)
    We used Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) ion microprobe to analyze magnesium-to-calcium (Mg/Ca) and strontium-to-calcium (Sr/Ca) ratios of high-Mg calcite loculi within the skeleton of a shallow water gorgonian, ...
  • Growth and development of larval bay scallops (Argopecten irradians) in response to early exposure to high CO2 

    White, Meredith M. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2013-02)
    Coastal and estuarine environments experience large variability and rapid shifts in pCO2 levels. Elevated pCO2, or ocean acidification, often negatively affects early life stages of calcifying m ...