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    • Eddy correlation measurements of oxygen fluxes in permeable sediments exposed to varying current flow and light 

      Berg, Peter; Long, Matthew H.; Huettel, Markus; Rheuban, Jennie E.; McGlathery, Karen J.; Howarth, Robert W.; Foreman, Kenneth H.; Giblin, Anne E.; Marino, Roxanne (Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, 2013-07)
      Based on noninvasive eddy correlation measurements at a marine and a freshwater site, this study documents the control that current flow and light have on sediment–water oxygen fluxes in permeable sediments. The marine ...
    • Eddy dynamics of ß plumes 

      Kida, Shinichiro (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2003-09)
      The importance of eddies and nonlinearities in ß-plume dynamics in the deep ocean was investigated using reduced gravity models of the deep ocean forced by a small region of cross isopycnal transport in the interior. The ...
    • Eddy forcing of the mean circulation in the western North Atlantic 

      Brown, Ellen Dunning (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1984-08)
      This thesis addresses several aspects of the problem of determining the effect of the low-frequency eddy variability on the mean circulation of the Western North Atlantic. A framework for this study is first established ...
    • Eddy formation near the west coast of Greenland 

      Bracco, Annalisa; Pedlosky, Joseph; Pickart, Robert S. (American Meteorological Society, 2008-09)
      This paper extends A. Bracco and J. Pedlosky’s investigation of the eddy-formation mechanism in the eastern Labrador Sea by including a more realistic depiction of the boundary current. The quasigeostrophic model consists ...
    • Eddy generation at a convex corner by a coastal current in a rotating system 

      Klinger, Barry A. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1992-03)
      Rotating baroclinic and barotropic boundary currents flowing around a corner in the laboratory were studied in order to discover the circumstances under which eddies were produced at the corner. Such flows are reminiscent ...
    • Eddy stirring and horizontal diffusivity from Argo float observations : geographic and depth variability 

      Cole, Sylvia T.; Wortham, Cimarron J. L.; Kunze, Eric; Owens, W. Brechner (John Wiley & Sons, 2015-05-21)
      Stirring along isopycnals is a significant factor in determining the distribution of tracers within the ocean. Salinity anomalies on density surfaces from Argo float profiles are used to investigate horizontal stirring and ...
    • Eddy stirring in the Southern Ocean 

      Naveira Garabato, Alberto C.; Ferrari, Raffaele; Polzin, Kurt L. (American Geophysical Union, 2011-09-17)
      There is an ongoing debate concerning the distribution of eddy stirring across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) and the nature of its controlling processes. The problem is addressed here by estimating the isentropic ...
    • Eddy transport of organic carbon and nutrients from the Chukchi Shelf : impact on the upper halocline of the western Arctic Ocean 

      Mathis, Jeremy T.; Pickart, Robert S.; Hansell, Dennis A.; Kadko, David; Bates, Nicholas R. (American Geophysical Union, 2007-05-04)
      In September 2004 a detailed physical and chemical survey was conducted on an anticyclonic, cold-core eddy located seaward of the Chukchi Shelf in the western Arctic Ocean. The eddy had a diameter of ∼16 km and was centered ...
    • Eddy-driven pulses of respiration in the Sargasso Sea 

      Mourino-Carballido, Beatriz (2009-02)
      An analysis of nine years of data from the NW subtropical Atlantic reveals that variability in heterotrophic processes associated with (sub)mesoscale features has a major impact on the balance between photosynthesis and ...
    • Eddy-driven sediment transport in the Argentine Basin : is the height of the Zapiola Rise hydrodynamically controlled? 

      Weijer, Wilbert; Maltrud, Mathew E.; Homoky, William B.; Polzin, Kurt L.; Maas, Leo R. M. (John Wiley & Sons, 2015-03-27)
      In this study, we address the question whether eddy-driven transports in the Argentine Basin can be held responsible for enhanced sediment accumulation over the Zapiola Rise, hence accounting for the existence and growth ...
    • Eddy-induced particle dispersion in the near-surface North Atlantic 

      Rypina, Irina I.; Kamenkovich, Igor V.; Berloff, Pavel S.; Pratt, Lawrence J. (American Meteorological Society, 2012-12)
      This study investigates the anisotropic properties of the eddy-induced material transport in the near-surface North Atlantic from two independent datasets, one simulated from the sea surface height altimetry and one derived ...
    • Eddy-Kuroshio interaction processes revealed by mooring observations off Taiwan and Luzon 

      Tsai, Cheng-Ju; Andres, Magdalena; Jan, Sen; Mensah, Vigan; Sanford, Thomas B.; Lien, Ren-Chieh; Lee, Craig M. (John Wiley & Sons, 2015-10-08)
      The influence and fate of westward propagating eddies that impinge on the Kuroshio were observed with pressure sensor-equipped inverted echo sounders (PIESs) deployed east of Taiwan and northeast of Luzon. Zero lag ...
    • Eddy-mean flow interactions in western boundary current jets 

      Waterman, Stephanie N. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2009-02)
      This thesis examines the nature of eddy-mean flow interactions in western boundary current jets and recirculation gyre dynamics from both theoretical and observational perspectives. It includes theoretical studies of ...
    • Eddy-resolving simulation of plankton ecosystem dynamics in the California Current System 

      Gruber, Nicolas; Frenzel, Hartmut; Doney, Scott C.; Marchesiello, Patrick; McWilliams, James C.; Moisan, John R.; Oram, John J.; Plattner, Gian-Kasper; Stolzenbach, Keith D. (2006-06-13)
      We study the dynamics of the planktonic ecosystem in the coastal upwelling zone within the California Current System using a three-dimensional, eddy-resolving circulation model coupled to an ecosystem/biogeochemistry ...
    • Eddys in the Arctic Ocean from IOEB ADCP data 

      Krishfield, Richard A.; Plueddemann, Albert J.; Honjo, Susumu (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2002-10)
      Filtered and Earth-referenced ADCP data from the B92, B97 and S97 IOEBs were demodulated to remove inertial and near-inertial tidal frequencies, in order to highlight the low frequency components for examination of Arctic ...
    • Eddy–mean flow interaction in the Kuroshio Extension region 

      Waterman, Stephanie N.; Hogg, Nelson G.; Jayne, Steven R. (American Meteorological Society, 2011-06)
      The authors use data collected by a line of tall current meter moorings deployed across the axis of the Kuroshio Extension (KE) jet at the location of maximum time-mean eddy kinetic energy to characterize the mean jet ...
    • Eddy–wind interaction in the California Current System : dynamics and impacts 

      Seo, Hyodae; Miller, Arthur J.; Norris, Joel R. (American Meteorological Society, 2015-11-30)
      The summertime California Current System (CCS) is characterized by energetic mesoscale eddies, whose sea surface temperature (SST) and surface current can significantly modify the wind stress and Ekman pumping. Relative ...
    • Editor's conference report 

      Markham, James W. (IAMSLIC, 2004)
    • Editor's conference report 

      Markham, James W. (IAMSLIC, 2002)
    • Editor's conference report 

      Markham, James W. (IAMSLIC, 2000)