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    • Downhole well log and core montages from the Mount Elbert Gas Hydrate Stratigraphic Test Well, Alaska North Slope 

      Collett, Timothy S.; Lewis, R. E.; Winters, William J.; Lee, Myung W.; Rose, Kelly K.; Boswell, Ray M. (Elsevier B.V., 2010-03-27)
      The BPXA-DOE-USGS Mount Elbert Gas Hydrate Stratigraphic Test Well was an integral part of an ongoing project to determine the future energy resource potential of gas hydrates on the Alaska North Slope. As part of this ...
    • The downside of resource sharing 

      Oxley, Anna (IAMSLIC, 1989)
    • Downward continued multichannel seismic refraction analysis of Atlantis Massif oceanic core complex, 30°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge 

      Henig, A. S.; Blackman, Donna K.; Harding, Alistair J.; Canales, J. Pablo; Kent, Graham M. (American Geophysical Union, 2012-05-19)
      Detailed seismic refraction results show striking lateral and vertical variability of velocity structure within the Atlantis Massif oceanic core complex (OCC), contrasting notably with its conjugate ridge flank. Multichannel ...
    • Draft genome sequence of marine alphaproteobacterial strain HIMB11, the first cultivated representative of a unique lineage within the Roseobacter clade possessing an unusually small genome 

      Durham, Bryndan P.; Grote, Jana; Whittaker, Kerry A.; Bender, Sara J.; Luo, Haiwei; Grim, Sharon L.; Brown, Julia; Casey, John F.; Dron, Antony; Florez-Leiva, Lennis; Krupke, Andreas; Luria, Catherine M.; Mine, Aric; Nigro, Olivia D.; Pather, Santhiska; Talarmin, Agathe; Wear, Emma; Weber, Thomas; Wilson, Jesse; Church, Matthew J.; DeLong, Edward F.; Karl, David M.; Steward, Grieg F.; Eppley, John; Kyrpides, Nikos C.; Schuster, Stephan; Rappe, Michael S. (Genomic Standards Consortium, 2014)
      Strain HIMB11 is a planktonic marine bacterium isolated from coastal seawater in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii belonging to the ubiquitous and versatile Roseobacter clade of the alphaproteobacterial family Rhodobacteraceae. ...
    • Drag coefficients of vibrating synthetic rope 

      Charnews, Daniel Paul (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1971-09)
      The drag, amplitude, frequency tension, diameter and length of synthetic ropes vibrating because of vortex-induced forces, and net vibrating at different tensions were measured. Photographs were taken of the vortices. Drag ...
    • Drag of suction cup tags on swimming animals : modeling and measurement 

      Shorter, K. Alex; Murray, Mark M.; Johnson, Mark P.; Moore, Michael J.; Howle, Laurens E. (John Wiley & Sons, 2013-11-12)
      Bio-logging tags are widely used to study the behavior and movements of marine mammals with the tacit assumption of little impact to the animal. However, tags on fast-swimming animals generate substantial hydrodynamic ...
    • Drawings and descriptions of some deep-sea copepods living above the Guaymas Basin hydrothermal vent field 

      Copley, Nancy J.; Wiebe, Peter H. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1990-04)
      This report includes brief descriptions and illustrations of some of the copepods found in two bathypelagic MOCNESS samples. The MOCNESS was towed horizontally at an altitude of 100-200 m above the bottom in waters 1900 ...
    • Drift and mixing under the ocean surface : a coherent one-dimensional description with application to unstratified conditions 

      Rascle, Nicolas; Ardhuin, Fabrice; Terray, Eugene A. (American Geophysical Union, 2006-03-24)
      Waves have many effects on near-surface dynamics: Breaking waves enhance mixing, waves are associated with a Lagrangian mean drift (the Stokes drift), waves act on the mean flow by creating Langmuir circulations and a ...
    • Drifter studies in warm core rings 

      Tynan, Cynthia T.; Hooker, Stanford B. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1984-04)
      The results of multiple deployments of surface drifters in warm core rings of the Gulf Stream are presented. Four satellite drifters (tracked by the Argos system) were deployed on nine separate occasions and two ...
    • Drifter-based estimate of the 5 year dispersal of Fukushima-derived radionuclides 

      Rypina, Irina I.; Jayne, Steven R.; Yoshida, Sachiko; Macdonald, Alison M.; Buesseler, Ken O. (John Wiley & Sons, 2014-11-28)
      Employing some 40 years of North Pacific drifter-track observations from the Global Drifter Program database, statistics defining the horizontal spread of radionuclides from Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific ...
    • Drilling constraints on lithospheric accretion and evolution at Atlantis Massif, Mid-Atlantic Ridge 30°N 

      Blackman, Donna K.; Ildefonse, Benoit; John, Barbara E.; Ohara, Y.; Miller, D. J.; Abe, N.; Abratis, M.; Andal, E. S.; Andreani, M.; Awaji, S.; Beard, J. S.; Brunelli, D.; Charney, A. B.; Christie, D. M.; Collins, John A.; Delacour, A. G.; Delius, H.; Drouin, M.; Einaudi, F.; Escartin, Javier E.; Frost, B. R.; Fruh-Green, G. L.; Fryer, P. B.; Gee, Jeffrey S.; Grimes, C. B.; Halfpenny, A.; Hansen, H.-E.; Harris, Amber C.; Tamura, A.; Hayman, Nicholas W.; Hellebrand, Eric; Hirose, T.; Hirth, Greg; Ishimaru, S.; Johnson, Kevin T. M.; Karner, G. D.; Linek, M.; MacLeod, Christopher J.; Maeda, J.; Mason, O..U.; McCaig, A. M.; Michibayashi, K.; Morris, A.; Nakagawa, T.; Nozaka, T.; Rosner, Martin; Searle, Roger C.; Suhr, G.; Tominaga, Masako; von der Handt, A.; Yamasaki, T.; Zhao, X. (American Geophysical Union, 2011-07-19)
      Expeditions 304 and 305 of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program cored and logged a 1.4 km section of the domal core of Atlantis Massif. Postdrilling research results summarized here constrain the structure and lithology ...
    • Drilling the oceanic lower crust and mantle : a global strategy for exploring the deep oceanic crust and mantle in the 1990's 

      Workshop on Drilling the Oceanic Lower Crust and Mantle (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1989-03)
      This workshop was convened to follow up on the Second Conference on Scientific Ocean Drilling (COSOD II) to devise a specific plan for deep crustal and mantle drilling over the next decade. Since COSOD II, however, there ...
    • DRISEE overestimates errors in metagenomic sequencing data 

      Eren, A. Murat; Morrison, Hilary G.; Huse, Susan M.; Sogin, Mitchell L. (Oxford University Press, 2013-05-22)
      The extremely high error rates reported by Keegan et al. in ‘A platform-independent method for detecting errors in metagenomic sequencing data: DRISEE’ (PLoS Comput Biol 2012;8:e1002541) for many next-generation sequencing ...
    • Drivers and uncertainties of future global marine primary production in marine ecosystem models 

      Laufkotter, Charlotte; Vogt, Meike; Gruber, Nicolas; Aita-Noguchi, M.; Aumont, Olivier; Bopp, Laurent; Buitenhuis, Erik T.; Doney, Scott C.; Dunne, John P.; Hashioka, Taketo; Hauck, Judith; Hirata, Takafumi; John, Jasmin G.; Le Quere, Corinne; Lima, Ivan D.; Nakano, Hideyuki; Seferian, Roland; Totterdell, Ian J.; Vichi, Marcello; Volker, Chrisoph (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union, 2015-12-07)
      Past model studies have projected a global decrease in marine net primary production (NPP) over the 21st century, but these studies focused on the multi-model mean rather than on the large inter-model differences. Here, ...
    • Drivers of spring and summer variability in the coastal ocean offshore of Cape Cod, MA 

      Kirincich, Anthony R.; Gawarkiewicz, Glen G. (John Wiley & Sons, 2016-03-19)
      The drivers of spring and summer variability within the coastal ocean east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a critical link between the Gulf of Maine and Mid-Atlantic Bight, are investigated using 2 years of shipboard and moored ...
    • Drought legacies influence the long-term carbon balance of a freshwater marsh 

      Rocha, Adrian V.; Goulden, Michael L. (American Geophysical Union, 2010-09-30)
      Experimental manipulations provide a powerful tool for understanding an ecosystem's response to environmental perturbation. We combined paired eddy covariance towers with an experimental manipulation of water availability ...
    • Drought, agricultural adaptation, and sociopolitical collapse in the Maya Lowlands 

      Douglas, Peter M. J.; Pagani, Mark; Canuto, Marcello A.; Brenner, Mark; Hodell, David A.; Eglinton, Timothy I.; Curtis, Jason H. (2014-10)
      Paleoclimate records indicate a series of severe droughts was associated with societal collapse of the Classic Maya during the Terminal Classic period (approximately 800 to 950 CE). Evidence for drought largely derives ...
    • A DSpace institutional repository : WHOAS 

      Devenish, Ann (2006-06-08)
      This presentation looked at the implementation of a DSpace institutonal respository for the Woods Hole (Massachusetts) science community, including description of content recruitment techniques.
    • Dual isotope analyses indicate efficient processing of atmospheric nitrate by forested watersheds in the northeastern U.S. 

      Barnes, Rebecca T.; Raymond, Peter A.; Casciotti, Karen L. (2008-07-15)
      Nitrogen from atmospheric deposition serves as the dominant source of new nitrogen to forested ecosystems in the northeastern U.S.. By combining isotopic data obtained using the denitrifier method, with chemistry and ...