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    • Economic sustainability of marine aquaculture : a report to the Marine Aquaculture Task Force 

      Hoagland, Porter; Kite-Powell, Hauke L.; Jin, Di; Schumacher, Mary E.; Katz, Laure S.; Klinger, Dane (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2007-02)
      In the future, marine aquaculture production is likely to expand significantly in the United States and abroad. This paper deals with the present and future economic sustainability of aquaculture in the United States ...
    • Greening China naturally 

      Cao, Shixiong; Sun, Ge; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Chen, Liding; Feng, Qi; Fu, Bojie; McNulty, Steve; Shankman, David; Tang, Jianwu; Wang, Yanhui; Wei, Xiaohua (2011-04)
      China leads the world in afforestation, and is one of the few countries whose forested area is increasing. However, this massive ‘‘greening’’ effort has been less effective than expected; afforestation has sometimes produced ...
    • Should we mine the deep seafloor? 

      Beaulieu, Stace E.; Graedel, Thomas E; Hannington, Mark D. (John Wiley & Sons, 2017-07-13)
      As land-based mineral resources become increasingly difficult and expensive to acquire, the potential for mining resources from the deep seafloor has become widely discussed and debated. Exploration leases are being granted, ...