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    • The Dababiya corehole, Upper Nile Valley, Egypt : preliminary results 

      Berggren, William A.; Alegret, Laia; Aubry, Marie-Pierre; Cramer, Ben S.; Dupuis, Christian; Goolaerts, Sijn; Kent, Dennis V.; King, Christopher; Knox, Robert W. O'B.; Obaidalla, Nageh; Ortiz, Silvia; Ouda, Khaled A. K.; Abdel-Sabour, Ayman; Salem, Rehab; Senosy, Mahmoud M.; Soliman, Mamdouh F.; Soliman, Ali (Austrian Geological Society, 2012)
      The Dababiya corehole was drilled in the Dababiya Quarry (Upper Nile Valley, Egypt), adjacent to the GSSP for the Paleocene/ Eocene boundary, to a total depth of 140 m and bottomed in the lower Maastrichtian Globotruncana ...
    • Upper Paleocene-Lower Eocene biostratigraphy of Darb Gaga, Southeastern Kharga Oasis Western Desert, Egypt 

      Ouda, Khaled; Berggren, William A.; Abdel-Sabour, Ayman (2016-02)
      Paleontological studies on the Upper Paleocene-Lower Eocene succession at Darb Gaga, southeastern Kharga Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt document the changes associated with the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), such ...