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    • A novel interception strategy in a miniature robber fly with extreme visual acuity 

      Wardill, Trevor J.; Fabian, Samuel T.; Pettigrew, Ann C.; Stavenga, Doekele; Nordström, Karin; Gonzalez-Bellido, Paloma T. (Cell Press, 2017-03-09)
      Our visual system allows us to rapidly identify and intercept a moving object. When this object is far away, we base the trajectory on the target’s location relative to an external frame of reference [1]. This process forms ...
    • Target detection in insects : optical, neural and behavioral optimizations 

      Gonzalez-Bellido, Paloma T.; Fabian, Samuel T.; Nordstrom, Karin (Elsevier, 2016-09-20)
      Motion vision provides important cues for many tasks. Flying insects, for example, may pursue small, fast moving targets for mating or feeding purposes, even when these are detected against self-generated optic flow. Since ...