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    • The St. Lawrence polynya and the Bering shelf circulation : new observations and a model comparison 

      Danielson, S.; Aagaard, Knut; Weingartner, Thomas J.; Martin, S.; Winsor, Peter; Gawarkiewicz, Glen G.; Quadfasel, D. (American Geophysical Union, 2006-09-19)
      Using 14 year-long instrumented moorings deployed south of St. Lawrence Island, along with oceanographic drifters, we investigate the circulation over the central Bering shelf and the role of polynyas in forming and ...
    • Trajectory shifts in the Arctic and Subarctic freshwater cycle 

      Peterson, Bruce J.; McClelland, James W.; Curry, Ruth G.; Holmes, Robert M.; Walsh, John E.; Aagaard, Knut (2006-06-22)
      Manifold changes in the freshwater cycle of high-latitude lands and oceans have been reported in the past few years. A synthesis of these changes in sources of freshwater and in ocean freshwater storage illustrates the ...